Thomas the train returns to the Tweetsie Railroad and Amusement Park

Meeting Thomas at Tweetsie Railroad   Mom and I meeting Thomas the train

Tweetsie Railroad
300 Tweetsie Railroad Ln
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Day Out with Thomas is an event that features Thomas the Tank Engine, the beloved character from the popular Thomas & Friends book and TV series. Tweetsie Railroad, located in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is a historic tourist railroad that has hosted Day Out with Thomas events in the past.

At a Day Out with Thomas event at Tweetsie Railroad, families can enjoy a train ride with Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as a variety of other activities and attractions such as music, storytelling, and games. The event typically lasts several days and offers a fun and educational experience for children and their families.

If you're interested in attending a Day Out with Thomas event at Tweetsie Railroad, it's recommended to check directly for updates on dates, prices, and ticket availability. Tweestie Railroad has added three new amusement park rides to their park this year: a mini swing designed for kids, a spring ride drop tower and a family spinning coaster.

Day Out With Thomas on the Tweetsie Railroad Dynamo Productions

All Aboard for Family Fun at Tweetsie Railroad!

As soon as we drove up to the old-timey entrance, I knew our family made the right choice for some Wild West adventure this summer by visiting Tweetsie Railroad. My kids were bouncing in the backseat with excitement as we pulled in, cowboy hats cocked and ready to explore this Wild West theme park nestled in the Carolina mountains.

We started our day with the highlight for any Tweetsie trip - riding the steam trains! The smell of coal, billowing smoke and the conductor's "all aboard!" filled us with eager anticipation. We settled into the wooden bench seats and slowly chugged out of the station past Ghost Town buildings and waving spectators. Every time we entered the pitch black tunnels my daughters squeezed my hands tightly in suspense - followed by squeals of laughter as we emerged back into sunshine.

After enjoying a singalong Wild West revue show with silly cowboys and friendly can-can dancers, we grabbed classic amusement park snacks like fresh hot popcorn and fudge before braving the thrill rides. My son challenged me to ride the Mini Mine Coaster with him which whisked us around sharp bends and down steep drops in our tiny rail car - talk about exciting!

Before our day at Tweetsie ended, we had one last stop - to meet the real riverboat captain himself, Mr. Frog! He looked so distinguished in his top hat. Getting to interact with the charming park mascots and characters created the most lasting memories that we'll treasure forever. Riding the rollercoasters as a family and experiencing this charming railroad destination made our Tweetsie trip a rootin' tootin' good time we can't wait to repeat!