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A Day Out with Thomas Event would not be complete without something to commemorate the day. You will have the opportunity to buy toys and merchandise at the venue. Typically tents are set up with tables and there is usually a gift shop at the railroad too. Day Out with Thomas merchandise is offered at a variety of prices. Most notably are the Thomas train hats for girls and boys. There are quite train whistles and of course Thomas the Tank Engine trains and his friends like Percy from the Island of Sodor. The best part is finding that super rare train you can't find in stores! And to commemorate the day there will typically be a train, box car or caboose which has the year of the Day Out with Thomas event making it highly collectible. Be sure to order a train hat, their inexpensive but create the most adorable photos for the day. Capture the best memory with a Thomas conductor's hat for that little engineer.

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All aboard! Have Fun.