Why Is A Day Out with Thomas the Train worth it?

Meeting Thomas in NJ Have you heard of Thomas's A Day Out? Every summer, Delaware River Railroad Excursions in New Jersey and other state welcomes children of all ages to meet Thomas and take a train ride!! Is the excursion, however, worthwhile? Continue reading and I'll let you know!

The Day Out With Thomas event will provide miles of smiles to the whole family while also introducing a new generation to the timeless thrills of railroading. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thomas' train departs every hour on the hour. You may also take the River Train to Carperntersville, New Jersey, which runs along the gorgeous Delaware River ( an hour and fifteen minute round trip). Take the River Train to the Susquehanna Mine for an extra experience, where you can learn about the history and how to pan for gem stones to take home! Thomas' tours take you on a 25-minute cruise down the picturesque Delaware River to North Carpentersville, New Jersey.

Buying Tickets for A Day Out with Thomas in New Jersey

In Phillipsburg, New Jersey, we went to "A Day Out with Thomas." Although there is a larger Thomas event in Strasburg, PA, we chose Phillipsburg since it was the nearest to us. On a typical summer day in July, we went (you know how I avoid crowds and weekend events whenever I can). The tickets were not cheap, but they were not outrageous (it is a train ride with Thomas, after all). Ticket fees vary depending on whatever experience you select (Day Out with Thomas or a longer trip to the The River and Steam train ride, Dino Days, The Mine Trian, The Corn Maze, The Polar Express and more!), but they start at about $18.00 - $37.00 per person. Tickets may be purchased in advance online. For more information, dates, and ticket prices, click here for tickets.

Where exactly is the Delaware River Railroad Located?

It was simple enough to locate the Delaware River Railroad (it seems like we're constantly on Rt 78!) but you can click here for directions. We had to park off-site and take a shuttle bus to the event, which is something I despise. However, it wasn't all awful. And it was completely free! The shuttle was adorable and resembled a trolley car (albeit some were school buses), and it came fast. Our children loved the journey since the driver was kind.

Are there more activities to do than just the Thomas train ride?

We arrived to what seemed to be a tiny street festival after a short stroll. There were merchants selling food, crafts, and other trinkets. Visitors may also enjoy two bounce houses and hay mazes. There was a tent with Thomas memorabilia for sale. MegaBlocks was sponsoring the event at the time we went, so there were a few cool exhibits to view. Don't worry, there's plenty of room for strollers. The train trip may require you to park the stroller, however the routes are entirely accessible and there is stroller parking.

While I get to meet the actual Thomas engine and passenger cars?

You'll also ask yourself, "Where are the actual trains?" immediately away. You can't see them here, since they aren't visible. You must follow the indications down the hill and around the corner (another short walk), but once you there, look! It is, in fact, Thomas!!

Upon that moment, my son's gasp at seeing the genuine, live Thomas steam engine was worth the journey! Professional photographers will, of course, snap your picture in front of Thomas for a little cost. However, we were not permitted to stand in front of Thomas and shoot our own photographs next to his face (see the ropes preventing you from doing so?).

What are the activities featured at a Day Out with Thomas?

Thomas activities While waiting for their train journey, there were lots of activities for kids to do in this area (most of which my son refused to do, but that's just how he is). There was a tiny petting zoo, crafts with spin art and stamps, a film watching area (within a small tent), jugglers and puppeteers performing, and photo chances with Sir Topham Hatt (which my kid refused to do!). There is also a restaurant here, but we bypassed it as usual, so I can't comment on the cuisine. They also offer portable toilets for restroom breaks!

What's it like to ride on the passenger coaches pulled by Thomas the Train?

Thomas with coaches But it's Thomas himself who provides the true excitement. Our kids were ecstatic to go on the ride. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, to be honest. Here's what we got: conductors in full costume assisted us in boarding. Because there are no allocated seats, you are free to choose your own. We attempted to locate one near the ceiling fans (there is no air conditioning, and it was really humid (typical NJ summer weather) when we visited, so keep that in mind!). Although almost every seat had a window that can be opened, the train was nevertheless rather warm. Inside, the train was ancient but clean, and there were Thomas decorations, signs, and balloons hanging to make it a bit more cheerful for the kids (none of which you can see in my photo for some reason). The official conductor will come by at some time to stamp the tickets.

Also worth noting is that although the walkways and event are stroller and wheelchair friendly, the train trip is not. I'm not sure what they do for our people who need assistance, so if you have a wheelchair or need to have someone on the train who requires assistance, please call before to see how they can assist you.

What About the Train Ride Itself?

Riding in Thomas' coach The journey then starts. I genuinely laughed when the train began moving. You couldn't hear Thomas talking to you over the loudspeaker because the youngsters were all so thrilled and boisterous. There were Thomas melodies playing as well, but we couldn't hear much of them due to the children's enthusiastic squeals. Keep in mind that you are not in Thomas's automobile; instead, you are in a passenger car that Thomas is dragging. Is there anything there that you can see? No, but I suppose the kids do. Your railway vehicle is being pulled by Thomas! I don't recall how long the ride was, but it was probably around 20 minutes. It took us ahead, through woods and a river, before coming to a halt and pulling us backwards to the same location. Isn't it a bit strange?

*Note that they now offer a combination ticket that includes a ride to the "Mine," so if you'd want to include the mine train journey, this could be worth checking into.

Is A Day Out with Thomas the Train worth it?

Thomas is worth the trip Yes a Day Out with Thomas is worth the trip!! You must remind yourself in any of these instances that the trip is not for you. It's for your child's benefit. And you are creating a life long memory and shared experience. Although I wasn't delighted with the heat or the brief ride, our kids really enjoyed themselves, and I believe it will be something they remember for the rest of their lives. At the moment, the boys was two and four years old. However, it is dependent on your kid. There are some true Thomas enthusiasts above the age of four, and there were plenty of youngsters of all ages at the event. So all you have to do is figure out what your youngster enjoys.

If your youngster is too old for Thomas but still like trains, take them on one of the Delaware Railroad's other excursions. For adults, there are The River and Steam train ride, Dino Days, The Mine Trian, The Corn Maze, The Polar Express, The Warren County Winery Train, Historic Pohatcong Garden Tour A beautiful Spring outing! and more! If your youngster like dinosaurs, there is even a "Dinosaur Train" called Dino Days attraction (based on the TV program).